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2018 Pricing Plans

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  • One to One Training
  • Dynamic Warmup
  • Customized Training activity
  • Warm Down & Recovery
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  • Specialty Theme Class
  • Small Group
  • 60 Min.
  • Safe & Fun

Frequently Asked Questions

Got Questions? We’ve compiled a list of the questions we get asked the most often.
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What is customized training?

We don’t believe in cookie cutter training. That’s why you wont see a “WOD board” (Workout of the Day) at the Challenge Grounds. We develop personalized and unique training programs based on whats best for you.

What is the "Open Gym" training format?

Our Open Gym style of training is an environment where our instructors  move freely from participant to participant providing instruction. This allows you to choose the order and pace of your workout. The instructors will oversee your activities and assist in anyway by providing correction, answering questions and providing encouragement. It’s not a “cattle call environment”. Open gym  generally  has no more than a 6 to 1 trainee to instructor ratio.

Why offer a Open Gym format?

Flexibility. This style of training allows us to be responsive to your needs each session. It allows us to make adjustments, address new issues as they arise. There’s always work to be done, it just doesn’t have to be done in the same way each time.

How long do sessions last?

Open gym sessions usually last 45- 60 minutes.

The Grounds Are About Providing Your Personal Challenge!

Monthly; Featured Class - Beats & Barbells

Working to the rhythmic beat of thumpin and pumping tunes this high energy class is designed to provide a total body workout using barbells. Appropriate and safe weights will be chosen for each individual to maximize your workout.

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